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Every time we would fly back to the Philippines I would have to visit our dentist. This time Fosty and I had an appointment for cleaning and to check if there are some cavities that need to be cleaned and filled. As I sat on the chair and the dentist told me to open up, I stared at the ceiling and thought about the wonders of our teeth.


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I bet most of you already know that our teeth are the only part of the skeletal system that is exposed, but they are not considered as bones, said in this article. Also, there is this thing called enamel that covers the crown of our teeth that make our teeth one of the strongest parts of our body (I’m not even mentioning about dentin). As strong as our teeth may seem, it can be destroyed by a sticky deposit on teeth in which bacteria proliferate. And this, my friends, is what we call plaque. Plaque can develop when we ignore our teeth; when we don’t brush regularly when we don’t floss, and when we don’t visit our dentist for a cleaning and check-ups. I had some sessions of root canal procedures so I know what I am talking about.


The same thing with us, we have a soul and our soul needs to be taken cared of. When we ignore the hurts that we experienced, yes we can forget about them but, like cavities, it sticks to our souls and destroys it slowly. Like going to the dentist we also have a way to have our souls check and be healed, and that is by opening up. The first stage of healing is actually allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, but not to everyone of course. We can open up to God first, then our families, if not then our closest friends whom you know will not betray you. Also, if you have something that you think needs professional attention please seek the help of your local pastors, a counselor, or a psychiatrist. The more you hide your problems and try to solve it yourself, taking control of the situation and showing everybody that you got all things figured out the more it’ll take time for you to heal.

As strong as our teeth may seem it cannot heal on its own, and no matter how resilient your soul maybe it cannot heal by itself. So open up, seek help, and help your soul.

Also, please visit your dentist at least twice a year.


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New Season


Artwork by yours truly. If you want to use this for personal consumption or for some other reasons please let me know. Sharing is caring.

I have not been blogging lately. Not that I stopped writing but more like I started writing only for myself more. I concentrated more on writing personal journals than broadcasting to the world what I’ve learned and reflected upon. Blogging has played a huge part in my single life and I put it aside after I got married. For the reason that I have someone to listen to my brain farts and ideas that I don’t find the need to blog anymore, but it has to change.

A month ago, my husband has been ordained as a pastor, that means . . .

I am a pastor’s wife. O_O’

People ask me what do I feel about it, and for some, they tease me and tell me something like, “Hello, Mrs. Pastor’s wife!” Not that I don’t like it, it’s just that things are still the same. I am the same girl that people know, I still have the same calling, the same job, and the same love for what God have for us. But I have to admit things will be quite different now. My husband has taken on a role that requires us to be in a very humble position. First, we don’t know how to do this, and we always seek God’s wisdom and heart for us and His people. And second, we are here to serve and not to be served. It will also not free us from the prying eyes of the public. People with good intentions, or not, will judge us according to their standards. Which means I should be careful concerning what I will post online. On the flip side, I have a platform to influence my generation and the next through social media and therefore I should write more.

What to look forward to my next blog entries? More learnings about life, more stories about me and my husband, and more revelation about God’s goodness. What about you, what do you want me to feature in my blog? Let me know in the comments section below. I would love to interact with you.


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From my sour bowl of cereals


I am my husband’s official cupbearer. How I got that title was when we drank a bowl of stale milk while eating our cereals. I knew for sure there was something wrong with the milk; he, on the other hand, didn’t notice any difference at all. After being convinced that the milk was stale he dubbed me as his official cupbearer, making sure he won’t drink any stale food or milk for that matter.

I’ve noticed, in this new season of my life, I need to upgrade my time studying the word of God. Like training my tongue to know whether the food is good or not, I need to train my myself to hear the voice of God through the scriptures. We are living in a generation that shoots information faster than the speed of light; we consume thousands of these




Whether these pieces of information are good or bad we absorb them like a sponge. Exposing myself to the Word of God I can easily glean out things that will not be beneficial for me. Like a good cupbearer, it is my duty to know what information will poison my system.

It’s time for an upgrade!


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More Coffee Cup Adventures

Ahhhh . . . new year and every time I write at the beginning of the year it is mostly a look back of what happened in the previous year and/or write something hopeful for the new year. Today it’ll be different, actually I never thought there would come a day that I would write this. For years since I started this blog I’ve written a lot of entries about being single (like this, this, and this. That made my blog slightly famous by the way), I bet now you’ve guessed what I am about to write. This, I believe, is the best time to announce that I’ve met him, the person I call in my blog “my future husband.”

Woohoo! *throws confetti*

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Actually, I said “of course”

I’ve met Fosty June of 2014 during our MPD training. I was seated right next to him, a quiet guy from Macau. I thought he was a local so I started asking him questions about Macau only to find out that he’s Filipino (lels~) who works there and decided to do ministry work and plant churches. A young guy in his twenties deciding to do what God has called him to do, interesting right? After that five days training we parted ways, he flew back to Macau and I stayed in the Philippines. We never saw each other for six months, never even communicated with him. And why would I? For me we were just seat mates. But I didn’t know that during that time he was already praying for me.

To those who know me personally you already know my love story. It’s beautiful how God orchestrated every detail of our lives to bring us closer together. I’d probably write portion of it here every now and then, but for now I just want everybody to know that I am so looking forward to tie the knot with him this 2017.

I’ve been praying for him, I’ve waited for him, and prepared for him. God molded my heart and disciplined me not to make my future husband my idol/god, I thought I would never meet him because of that season of pruning. I trusted God’s plan for me. Yielded to His love. So now I am engaged, and I am in love with my fiancé, but Jesus will always be the lover of my soul. In this process of trusting God I’ve really learned (and this lesson is continually being engraved in my heart) that being a wife or a mother in the future will not make me whole and complete as a person. Only in Jesus will I be truly complete.

I’m excited to write new adventures, new lessons in this new season in life with Fosty. 🙂

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The Hero Story

What’s happening, Lord?

A prayer I uttered as I watch another news about terrorism. I squeezed my hands together placed it gently on my lips as I uttered another prayer. My words were so simple mostly crying out for peace.

What’s happening? What can I do?

I know after this prayer one day I will hear another news about terrorism, and another, and another. More lives will be killed maybe someone I love dearly or maybe my very own life. I felt very helpless about the situation, but am I really helpless? Is there really nothing I can do?

I went home bearing the heaviness of the situation. Sure I’ve heard news about terrorism before but that day was different. That day I needed to cry. So I did, I went inside my room closed the door and sat on my bed, I faced the world map I placed on my wall and cried again. Asked the same question,

What’s happening? What can I do?

Then I noticed something. Two verses I placed on my world map to remind me of what I should be doing.

“. . . my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” – Isaiah 56:7

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.” -Esther 4:14


I am called to pray at this very moment. Yes, just pray. I know about this already, so why am I still asking God? The method is not the problem, and the Holy Spirit revealed something in my heart that I did not expect. I wanted to be the hero.

He placed my focus back to Jesus and the Holy Spirit said, “He is the real Hero in this story.” I stepped back and acknowledged His presence.

Jesus, at that moment, lifted the burden off my shoulders placed it on His and said, “it is finished.” God has already given the solution to this problem, and His name is Jesus.

Some people may say I am too naive and too simplistic. Granted. But one thing I know and I will hold on to this—we do not need another political leader to change the world, we need a Saviour and a King who loved us and forgave us of our sins and who will teach us to do the same to the people we both love and hate. And until the whole world knows Him, my job is not yet done.

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Game of throne

Before anything else I would like everybody to know that I haven’t seen a single episode of “Game of Thrones.” And I don’t think I’ll watch a single episode. Please don’t judge me, I still love you. Anyway, this blog post is not about the series, it’s about your heart and who rules, dictates, and calls the shot.

Who sits on the throne of your heart?

There are a lot of gods who wants to sit on that throne. Some of you may not be aware of it, but some you already know who sits on that throne. In fact, you already have decided.

So, who sits on the throne of your heart?


I hope your heart is not as . . . uhh . . . murderous as this one. (photo reference: Game of Thrones)

Idolatry is a serious offense against God. Idolatry is anything you put before God; it is the first thing  you think of the moment you wake up and the last before resigning to bed; it consumes your emotion and takes up your time. Bad news is that we create our own idols everyday.

we create idols of relationship

idols of career

idols of academics

idols of ministry

for some it is this awesome person you admire. *hint, hint, nudge, nudge*

Your idols will demand a sacrifice. As long as you worship your idols it will demand more than what you can give it will demand your life. The difference between God and your counterfeit gods is this, the one true living God will give you life and life to the full; the counterfeit gods will suck the life out of you and eventually destroy you.

We all have a choice; we can decide who sits on the throne – the God who gives life or the god who destroys life.

Your choice.

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