shoot the violist

yes, i know weird title. but if you guys wont read this blog somebody’s going to actually shoot the violist in our upcoming concert this march – and that’s me.

people, i need your help, i’m in dire need of a viola teacher. if you know someone who can play the viola very well, and can teach (and wants to teach) please let me know. my teacher is busy right now with the orchestra… yes, wala na akong teacher. hay… ayoko na syang guluhin dahil madami na syang tinuturuan. so nag-aaral nalang ako mag-isa. i miss the days…

my bowing is a mess
my flats are sharp and my sharps are flat
i am the most insecure violist (i have performance anxiety)
i sight read or psyche read whichever i feel is appropriate (hehe! see i told you i’m a mess)

dont worry we’ll pay the teacher (actually my teacher/conductor will be the one to pay not me). and if he/she wants to receive gummy worms or gummy bears every practice please let me know, ill be happy to shell out some bucks for that (yes, even jelly beans).

so guys, please help me. i need to shape up for the concert next year. i dont have much time.

and o yeah, listen to shoot the violist by Joe Hisaishi. very nice.





  current mood: nagmamakaawa… *yanangski needs someone to teach her* hikbi hikbi


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