I sneezed then out came an artwork.

I’ve been sneezing profusely last week. Sneezing and sniffing was mostly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days (aside from the regular designing job). Then came an inspiration. What will I do with all these mucus? Might as well make an artwork.

Hehe! I know what you’re thinking. No I didn’t make an artwork out of my snot, mucus and used tissue. That would be unsanitary, not to mention gross. Instead, my seemingly endless sneezing inspired my next artwork. I don’t like it that much, maybe because it reminds me of how sick I was last week. But hey, an artwork is an artwork.

I call this piece of whatever “the attack of the mucus butterfly.” O and by the way if you have colds, you might want to download the wallpaper. Uhm, it wont give any cure, but it will sure make a sneezy . . . I mean snazzy wallpaper! Hehe. Enjoy!




Hmm. . . . I wonder what my migraine looks like.


Tuzki Bunny Emoticon current mood: zombie mode


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