saying goodbye to Mr. Darcy?

I should be practicing.


Just less than 2 months before the concert.


Actually I did practice, but the sound I produce is getting worse.


I cant see the music sheet because my eyes are welling up in tears. I have to stop.


I am starting to doubt my abilities.


I get scared when I play in front of people.


Maybe viola is not really the instrument for me.


God help me. You have given me the skills and the chance to play this wonderful instrument. . .


I’ve been practicing. . .


Sigh. . .


gloom current mood: gloomy


8 thoughts on “saying goodbye to Mr. Darcy?

  1. OK, let’s see…

    Nerves – everyone get’s nervous when performing. It’s normal. However, experience is necessary in order to learn to control the body’s reaction to nervousness.

    Sound – it might not be actually getting worse…it’s just that maybe you’ve come to realize how good it can sound, so now you have a standard that you’re comparing it to. Frankly, your sight reading is getting better.

    Doubting your ability – Been there. Still find myself there sometimes. It’s not a question of ability – it’s a question of love – do you love the viola badly enough? If yes, then endure; things will get better 🙂

    Sounds like you could use some more coffee… 😀

  2. do i love mr darcy? o yes, with all my heart. i think this was my first time i cried during practice.

    thanks teacher! 🙂 i had a little talk with teacher robbie and teacher guidong last sunday. that’ll be my next post.

    and now that you mentioned coffee…

    hey! where’s my mug?!

  3. it’ll be on march 7 at the philamlife theater and march 28 at the AFP theater. ticket price is 150 ata. inform ko kayo for more details.

    aba mura na to ah! magpaka-culture muna tayo! i suggest punta kayo dun na naka-cocktail dress ka at smart casual si mel. yihee. XD

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