Pimple problem

Dahil madalas akong nagpupuyat nitong mga ilang gabi, nagsisulputan na naman ang aking mga pimples. at lagi nalang tuwing haharap ako sa salamin lagi silang nagpapapansin.







Hay… sabi nga nila “kung wala kang magawa, tawanan nalang ang problema.”



will-sleep  current mood: got to get some sleep.


13 thoughts on “Pimple problem

  1. kung ganyan ka-cute ang pimples, i wouldn’t mind having them greet me in the morning. unfortunately, they’re a bunch of disgusting bumps…

  2. Panoxyl lang yan, hehehe.

    To deviate a bit: have you ever thought of making comics regularly (even if it’s just more of a hobby/on-the-side thing)? I think you have a very good sense of humor, and I really like your art style. You’ve got a lot of potential, IMHO.

    • regarding my pimple problem: i’m getting a professional help on this. 😦

      about the comics: hmmm… let’s see… actually i want to make comics strips even when i was still in highschool. my biggest influence is garfield (and snoopy. i think). i once thought of submitting my strips to some local newspapers, but i have no time and my portfolio is… well… a bit “ho-hum” if you know what i mean.

      but thanks, i am really encouraged. ill give it a try. 😉

  3. o wow! thank you! hmm.. we can set a meeting if you want. ill send you a private plurk one of these days. 🙂

    o wait! im suppose to sell you tickets for the concert! ill inform you as soon as i get those tickets. (the organizers are still working on it).

    thanks so much! this may be the start of a new career, hehe! who knows 😉

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