i <3 books

What a lame title. Sorry.

But the statement is true. I do love books, but it doesn’t show though. (-_-)”

I’m not the type of person who quotes from books (maybe because I’ve read a lot and I forgot who said what). I use simple words; I don’t bombard people with adjectives and adverbs just to make a point, lest using difficult words. Its not that I don’t like it, it’s not my style and let’s just say I’m a very visual person who describes things or events visually, thus I love making desktop wallpapers. Hehe. I know, I know, words and paragraphs are not my strongest weapons.

A few months ago I’ve decided to clean my room. Now my problem was where to begin? I have to choose between my wardrobe and my library. So after much deliberation I decided to start with my bookshelf, or library so to speak.  Removing all the books, dusting them one by one, rearranging them according to topic, usefulness, etc. I ended that day just cleaning that one area in my room (talk about productivity). But I enjoyed the whole experience and later decided to read some of the books I forgot reading. Hehe!

I hope one day, like Belle in Beauty and beast, someone will give me a library with hundreds, no, thousands of books waiting to be read. *glee*


ready to fight-u!



books!!! 😀


what in the world is this???!!!


oh… its a dictionary. :p

barfing1 current mood: still a bit dizzy.


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