Free Wallpaper: Super Perky Squid

after one whole month of not designing finally i’m back. wohoo! back in the Philippines, back in my office, back making free wallpapers. šŸ˜€

so here it is ladies and gentlemen another coffee inspired vector art for you to enjoy. thanks again to vectips for the tutorial. cant do it without you *sniff*


super perky squid

not to mention he/she/it is also super efficient šŸ˜‰



groovy dance 2 current mood: caffeine overload.


9 thoughts on “Free Wallpaper: Super Perky Squid

  1. Very very tres cute! I wish I was more like him! It is a he right? I can never tell with octopii! Love it. Your next mission is to make a Cthulu coffee lover! (^O^)/

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