Free wallpaper: Panda loves coffee

after a posting the “super perky squid” a lot of my friends are asking me if i can design for them a more personalized desktop wallpapers. one asked me to do a “neko loves choco” and another one “cat loves coffee” (form here you might already have a clue what my next creature will be).

but even before that another friend of mine asked me to create a panda logo for him. He kinda looks like one because he’s big and cuddly (we call him “care bear” by the way). he loves photography so he asked me to make a P[h]anda loves photography, so i did, but that design is for him alone to enjoy.

but instead, my dear readers, i designed something for you. panda loves coffee (and why not). hehe



coffee break



groovy dance  current mood: on to my next project.


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