While we’re still young

I am running out of time and I’m not getting any younger as the day passes by, this September I’ll be a year older. Graah~

do-hard-things_webI’ve been reading this book lately “Do hard things” by Alex and Brett Harris. They are twins in their teen years that made an impact in a lot of teenagers’ life (and not just teenagers mind you), they believe that being too young is not an excuse not to do something big but instead use that as an advantage. To know more about them click here.

Knowing my potential is just that start, doing something is the next step. I still consider myself young and I know I have more things to accomplish more than what I can imagine doing. I may not have the skills and connections to speak to millions of people yet but I have to start somewhere.

When I was younger someone told me that I am capable of doing things beyond my age, then he quoted 1 Timothy 4:12 to encourage me:

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.

I believed that and accepted that promise but I never accepted the challenge, I neglected the “but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” part. It took me 8 years for those words to sink in my brain (yes, I was that slow). Instead of crying over spilled milk (or wasted time for that matter), I will now start doing hard things. Laziness, complacency and mediocrity days are over for me.

Starting this month I will challenge myself, and you, to do something beyond our comfort zone, something we should be doing a long time ago but we’re just too lazy to even move a muscle. But to be honest at first I am a bit hesitant to post this, my human nature of being lazy is kicking and screaming inside and if I’ll do this then I should practice what I preach right? It’ll be a lot easier for me not to. Then it will be ok if I feel like slacking because nobody knows anyway, BUT I’d rather do it than regret this for the rest of my life. By the way if you consider yourself old already do not be discouraged, it’s not too late to do hard things and to make a difference, as long as you’re still breathing you can still do it. 🙂


Over the coming months I will post an article or two of some practical hard things we can do and if you have something in mind that you want to share to our readers feel free to leave a comment or email me. Just imagine what life would be like if all the people are not lazy and selfish, if we are not satisfied with what’s good enough and actually do things excellently—the world would be such a better place to live in. *sniffle*

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2 thoughts on “While we’re still young

  1. Happy Birthday, belated. There will come a time when you stop counting. and start reminiscing what was then and what it could have been. Meantime, time enjoy what’s coming for it may never come again.

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