Mr. Darcy, the King, and I

Mr. Darcy: I am not at all happy to announce that I will rest from the orchestra this year. Which means Mr. Darcy and I will not anymore have long commutes from Quezon City to Parañaque* (at least for this year).


The King: My goal is that in everything I do I want to Honor my God, even in my health. I love music, God knows that, but the long commutes every Saturday has taken a big toll on my health, I am actually sick this very moment.

God has given me the gift of music and he can take it away if He wants to. I do believe that more than playing my instrument I should be able to take care of my self first, in this way I can Honor God more.


Anatotski: stop typing and get some rest!


*The travel from Tandang Sora, Quezon City to Sucat, Parañaque takes about 2 hours. I ride the MRT, bus, jeepney and yes, even tricycles carrying Mr. Darcy.


Tuzki Bunny Emoticon  current mood: rest mode on!


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