My Five Themes for World Domination

Took the strengths finder test last year, pero ngayon ko palang ipopost. This is a long post by the way so unless you’re really interested (meaning you’re a stalker *ahem!* kidding) I highly suggest you read my other posts.

My personalized strengths insights


Instinctively, you adore being surrounded by bright, young minds. You want to invest in the future of these individuals by educating and training them. Your enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge and skills is likely to motivate these people. Chances are good that you yearn to know a lot. It makes little sense to you to skim through a book and read only the highlights. You delve more deeply into intriguing subjects than most people do. You love to gather all kinds of information. This explains why you take time to grasp ideas that appear in print. It’s very likely that you enjoy reflecting on what you already know and on what you want to know. Your concentration leads you to major and minor discoveries. You need ample quiet time to critically examine new information, theories, concepts, or philosophies. Wherever you go and whatever you do, your mind is seldom at rest. You consider what you have observed. You pose never-before-asked questions. Thinking deeply about things is a necessity for you. It is not a luxury. It is not an option. Driven by your talents, you enjoy pondering what you can revise, correct, renovate, upgrade, or relocate. When you are curious about a person, event, topic, project, activity, or idea, you devote much energy and time to studying it. Because of your strengths, you regularly apply yourself to scholarly pursuits. For hours, you think seriously about various issues or ideas. You feel very optimistic about life when you can dedicate yourself to your studies. You typically resist the temptation to quit when obstacles, interruptions, or difficulties momentarily break your concentration



Instinctively, you may thrive when you have opportunities to mentor, advise, or train individuals who exhibit raw talent or untapped potential. By telling others about some of your experiences and listening to some of theirs, you might create an environment in which everyone is free to ask questions and expand their thinking. Driven by your talents, you occasionally tell people what you know, what you have experienced, or what you can do. You might benefit when they provide you with information about their talents, knowledge, and skills. Because of your strengths, you are overjoyed when you can credit a person or a group with being successful. The more you affirm others, the healthier you are emotionally physically, mentally, and even spiritually. By nature, you gravitate to situations where you can help youngsters explore their world and discover their talents. You probably think they are more interesting and yet less complicated than adults. Chances are good that you sometimes enjoy offering your resources—including your knowledge and skills — to others. When you practice the art of giving, individuals might value your companionship and give back to you.





Because of your strengths, you freely give of yourself. You are eager to share what you possess and know. This includes, but is not limited to, tangible objects, money, ideas, skills, knowledge, food, shelter, and time. Chances are good that you naturally gravitate to situations where you can be your true self. You feel life is wonderful when people listen as you share stories about your successes, failures, talents, limitations, hopes, or fears. Instinctively, you feel much more optimistic about dealing with whatever life hands you when you can keep abreast of breaking news. Having limited access to broadcast media, newspapers, magazines, electronic mail, fax machines, mobile phones, or people in the know can create a lot of stress for you. By nature, you feel much more optimistic about life when you surround yourself with people of integrity. You generally keep your distance from deceitful or unethical individuals. Driven by your talents, you judge your life much more favorably when you feel genuinely satisfied with what you already have accomplished.





Instinctively, you deconstruct tangled situations. You sort through facts to discover the inner workings of intricate processes, regulations, programs, or action plans. People rely on you to break complicated things into their basic parts. They trust you to present the information they need in an easy-to-understand manner. It’s very likely that you may be convinced that you are measuring up to your potential. Perhaps you know when you are doing your best work or earning the highest grades you possibly can. Because of your strengths, you feel life is best when you are truthful about your talents, skills, education, successes, experiences, or background. You are determined to dispel illusions you have about yourself and others have about you. This is likely to be one of your top priorities. As long as you do not pretend t be someone you are not, you are a happier and healthier human being. By nature, you probably feel in sync with life once you have clarified either your own or someone else’s performance objectives. Sometimes you enjoy talking with certain types of people who seem to be aware of their personal or professional goals. Driven by your talents, you frequently consider ways to enhance your ability to reduce difficult-to-understand ideas, processes, or plans to their most basic elements. You generally seek opportunities to make things simple and easy to comprehend.





Instinctively, you devote your full attention to immediate tasks and challenges. This explains why you give yourself plenty of time to comprehend what you read on the printed page or the computer screen. Diligence, persistence, and concentration are three of your distinguishing traits. Driven by your talents, you may describe yourself as practical or realistic. Perhaps you labor earnestly to find specialists who might help you figure out the right responses to questions. “Why reinvent the wheel?” you ask when they already know what to do. Chances are good that you can mentally zero in on tasks for hours at a time when you have a goal to reach. When the assignment demands extra time, you would be wise to honor your body’s natural rhythms. In other words, if you are a “morning person,” work in the morning. Work in the afternoon if that is when you hit your stride. Work in the evening if that is when you think better. Work around midnight after everyone has gone to bed if you are someone who usually stays up very late. Because of your strengths, you occasionally go out of your way to stay informed about issues in the news. Perhaps people count on you to tell them about information updates, due dates, meeting changes, or special assignments. By nature, you normally tackle projects with gusto. New assignments or challenges energize your life. Facing mundane, tedious, or routine chores day after day eventually undermines your upbeat attitude.



in conclusion:


I can absorb information quickly and can break them into digestible pieces. achieve what i want to achieve. be able to develop future leaders while being there friend (eek! ang chummy), and at the same time enjoying things because i know life is good.






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