The Roaring Twenties

I’ve been busy with my new art blog lately and to tell you honestly i’ve neglected Coffee Cup Adventures site, forgive me. But I’m back! and i want to tackle something new in this blog that i’ve never done before—fashion.

I always plan my wardrobe towards the end of the year. why? SALES of course. hehe! but really i always want a new fashion style every new year. this year i went from rock chic to smart casual korean style. that’s for 2009, and for 2010 i want something different, well different for me that is. now i’m into vintage clothes specifically in the 1920’s.

cloche hats, pleated skirts, long pearl necklaces. yes, the roaring twenties is back! 😎


Searched the internet and here are some examples of what the 1920’s fashion looks like:

We actually did some shopping already and here are some hats that we found:



Tuzki Bunny Emoticon current mood: doing the shimmy.


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