Another Milestone for Coffee Cup Adventures

NAREVIEW BLOG KO!!! ANG SAYA SAYA!!!! *tumbling tumbling sa tuwa*

perst taym kong maexperience ang ganito at nais kong icelebrate ang isa na naman milestone ng aking buhay blogger.

*pouring some freshly brewed coffee*

Cheers to all! we all deserve a good cup of coffee. 😀

oh! before i forget! here’s the link of the blog review. ayee~

current mood: euphoric kahit puyat.

12 thoughts on “Another Milestone for Coffee Cup Adventures

    • yes yes! you notice. ^_^

      your review helped me see and improve on my weak points. 🙂 you’ll be helping more bloggers so continue writing and reviewing. 😉

  1. OMG, I did not expect to create a stir in your blog.

    Thanks for the positive response. This surely put some pressures on me to continue the site. It’s becoming stale (lol).

    For all your fans, thank you. God Bless and continue improving and giving us good info.

  2. my golay ate ana! waaaahhhh….congrats! congrats! yahooo! madami kaming natutuwa sa blogs mo! hehehhe…pang-international ka na ngayon! hahaha

  3. For those of us that are Tagalog-challenged, please provide translations.
    Your spritely personality makes me happy! Love the animated characters on the blog. I’ll have to come back over!

    • thank you, thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

      about the translations, hmm . . . i was actually thinking about your suggestion this morning.

      when i started this blog, i was thinking about catering to the Filipino audience, but to my surprise most of my viewers are not from the Philippines. it only shows that arts, music, and coffee transcends language barriers (or then again maybe most of them are Filipinos in other nations hehe!).

      Tagalog is my first language and i can express myself more writing in Tagalog, i felt that if i’ll force myself to write in english it might delute the feel of the content. BUT i’ll try my best to look for ways to be able to translate my blogs. Google translate can help (a bit), but somehow the translation is not quite what i’m expecting. still, i’ll look for some options. 🙂

  4. Wow, congratulations, Ana! And the write-up was good, too 🙂

    Ang tindi ng branding mo, Inday. Established na kagad, unique pa! Ipagpatuloy mo lang to!

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