Work hard. Party hard. And do it the otter way

Isa akong otter . . .

No, not literally.

*awkward silence*

Ipapaliwanag ko.

Pinakuha kasi kami ng animal personality test sa office para malaman namin kung anung animal ang magdedescribe ng aming temperament (you can take the test online if you want). Meron apat na animals: The lion, beaver, golden retriever, and the otter. At otter daw ako–the sociable, fun-loving, procrastinating animal.

Otters are fun-loving, spontaneous creatures. Always optimistic, otters can sometimes overlook important details or move at a pace that’s a little too fast for everyone to keep up with. They aren’t usually into details, and may have a problem with procrastinating. However, otters are very social and have a great love for people. They may be very charismatic and have lots of friends.

Source here

No way! I'm an otter??!! *gasp!*

Image source here

Nung nalaman ko ang characteristics ng otter hindi ko ito nagustuhan. I wanted to be a golden retriever na loyal at loving, at hindi spontaneous na otter!

Habang ang lion ay busy maglilead, ang beaver ay busy mag-organize, at ang golden retriever ay busy magmahal ng tao, ang otter naman ay busy magprocrastinate. Wew~

Tapos may na discover ako, kinatuwa, at sinabi sa sarili na ok din pala maging otter. 😀

Here’s the article I’ve read about social wellbeing:

Every hour of social time keeps stress away.

. . . the sheer amount of time we spend socializing matters. . . . we need six hours of social time. When we get at least six hours of daily social time, it increases our wellbeing and minimizes stress and worry. Just so you don’t think that six hours of social time is attainable in one day, it’s important to note that six hours includes time at work, at home, on telephone, talking to friends, sending email, and other communication.

When people have almost no social time in a given day, they have an equal chance of having a good day or a bad day. However, each hour of social time quickly decreases the odds of having a bad day. Even three hours of social time reduces the chances of having a bad day to 10%. And each additional hour of social time—up to six hours—improves the odds of having a good day.

The Five Essential Elements of Wellbeing – Gallup

Kaya kapag effective akong makipag-socialize sa mga katrabaho ko, effective at productive ako sa work ko. AT kapag happy ako sa work, happy rin ako sa labas ng work.

So now I am happy and proud to admit that I am an otter. 😀

Yes, we smash clam shells together.

 Photo source here

  current mood: Waging-wagi!


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