Be . . . attitudes (Part 1)

If you were with me the past few days, maybe sat with me during lunch (or dinner), walked with me on my way home, or casually chatted with me, you have probably heard me talk to you about the Beatitudes.

The beatitudes. *bow*

Ilang beses ko nang nababasa ang beatitudes sa Bible. Napakinggan ko na rin ito ipreach sa church, pero ngayon ko lang ata (with no exaggeration) naintindihan ito ng lubusan. Binasa ko ang librong “The Applause of Heaven” ni Max Lucado, luma na ito pakalat-kalat lang ito sa bahay, na curious ako sa title kaya binasa ko ito. Hindi naman ako masyadong emotional na tao (o yun ata tingin ko sa sarili ko) pero unang chapter palang ng libro . . . *ahem* nagpawis na ang mga mata ko. Dahil dun pinagpatuloy ko nang basahin ang libro at dun na nasimulan maliwanagan ang aking isipan, nagkaroon ng saysay lahat ng nabasa at napakinggan ko noon tungkol sa Beatitudes.


My gleanings from the Beatitudes:

• Be poor in spirit.

Blessed are the poor in spirit  . . . (Matthew 5:3)  

The poor in spirit are the ones who have accepted that they are nothing without God. What they have right now they consider rubbish.

Theirs is the Kingdom of God.


• Be broken.

Blessed are those who mourn . . . (Matthew 5:4) 

They are the ones who are broken in spirit. Pride has no place because they have already accepted that they need help. No more struggling, no more I-can-do-this-on-my-own. It is accepting God—it is true repentance.

They will be comforted.


• Be meek.

Blessed are the meek . . . (Matthew 5:5)

The humble. Putting their full trust on God for they know they are weak without Him, and in Him is strength. Meekness is not timidity. Meekness is governed by faith in Jesus, while the latter is governed by fear.

They will inherit the earth.


• Be hungry and thirsty for righteousness.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness . . . (Matthew 5:6) 

There is nothing that you desire that God cannot satisfy. If you are really thirsty and hungry and all you ever want is water and food and then someone handed you a brand new car, will you be happy? You want something to quench your thirst and hunger. All you want is water and food

When Jesus offered His body (the bread) and his blood (the wine) He was saying eat this, drink this and be filled. The hungry and the thirsty for righteousness are the ones who admit that they are dirty with sin and they want Jesus—the only one who can satisfy the desire to change. That’s all they want, all they need. They want righteousness.

They will be filled.


Do you see the flow? It’s a process.

It starts when you know you are empty without God > then you accept that you cannot do it without Him > you rely on His power > and then you crave for His righteousness.

Then what happens next? What about the other four beatitudes?

To be continued.

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