The inconvenient Christmas

Traffic jam.

Christmas rush.

Parties to attend (with costumes and required performances).

Christmas gift checklist.

Also, pedestrian traffic jam.

And more.

Ito lang naman ang mga na eencounter kong stress every Christmas. Madalas kapag nagsimula na ang Christmas countdown napapailing nalang ako at napapasambit ng “ito na naman . . .” But before you judge me, I just want to say that don’t hate Christmas, and minsan kinakatakot kong maging isang grinch. Ayoko lang ng stress na dulot nito at sana maging less complicated ang pagdiwang nito.

Then I realized something—Christmas is inconvenient. Mary (pregnant) and Joseph couldn’t find a place to stay; Mary gave birth inside a stable; Jesus, a newborn, laid on a manger. Not to mention that Jesus’ life was in great danger. (Read Luke 2:1-20) There was no online registration, no mobile app to book a donkey, no early reservations for an overnight stay. Nada.

It wasn’t convenient for Jesus to come here on earth to save us from our sins, but He did. What motivated Him was His the love of His Father. He knew God loves us so much and that’s why he’d rather be inconvenienced. No, he even preferred to suffer for our sake.

And now, thinking about this made me realized how petty my Christmas stress is. Yes, there’s traffic; yes there are a lot of parties to attend and gifts to buy (and not to mention wrap); yes Christmas will move me outside of my comfort zone but I have to remember that Christmas is not about me, or the gifts, or the parties—it’s about Jesus who came here on earth to save a sinful and selfish bunch of people called you and I.

And here’s a quote from Eric Sevareid

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.”

True that, Eric. True that.

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