Why I Won’t Marry A Tennis Player

Isang random na usapan tungkol sa idea na ano kaya kung makapangasawa ako ng tennis player. Ang process of elimination na ito ay napag-usapan namin nila tita Sonny—a friend and a colleague, witty and straight to the point. Also, with my two best buddies Chique and Rhia (I just love them to bits). Ang usapan ay naganap sa cafeteria:

Me: Ano kaya kung makapangasawa ako ng tennis player?

Tita Sonny: What about?

Me: I don’t know how to play tennis!

Rhia: Tennis players usually marry a fellow tennis player or a model.

Chique: Ana got the 50% covered. LOL!

Me: But it’s just sad I won’t be able to enjoy his passion. 😦

Tita Sonny: Your problem is easy. Don’t marry one!

Me: LOL! Good point!

Moral of the story: Kapag madedecide na kung sinong pakakasalan mo, don’t decide on your own. Ask your family, trusted friends, and mentors. Also, pray about it and don’t rush.

This is just a random post. Very random.

image  Current mood: Randomness delight


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