More Coffee Cup Adventures

Ahhhh . . . new year and every time I write at the beginning of the year it is mostly a look back of what happened in the previous year and/or write something hopeful for the new year. Today it’ll be different, actually I never thought there would come a day that I would write this. For years since I started this blog I’ve written a lot of entries about being single (like this, this, and this. That made my blog slightly famous by the way), I bet now you’ve guessed what I am about to write. This, I believe, is the best time to announce that I’ve met him, the person I call in my blog “my future husband.”

Woohoo! *throws confetti*

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Actually, I said “of course”

I’ve met Fosty June of 2014 during our MPD training. I was seated right next to him, a quiet guy from Macau. I thought he was a local so I started asking him questions about Macau only to find out that he’s Filipino (lels~) who works there and decided to do ministry work and plant churches. A young guy in his twenties deciding to do what God has called him to do, interesting right? After that five days training we parted ways, he flew back to Macau and I stayed in the Philippines. We never saw each other for six months, never even communicated with him. And why would I? For me we were just seat mates. But I didn’t know that during that time he was already praying for me.

To those who know me personally you already know my love story. It’s beautiful how God orchestrated every detail of our lives to bring us closer together. I’d probably write portion of it here every now and then, but for now I just want everybody to know that I am so looking forward to tie the knot with him this 2017.

I’ve been praying for him, I’ve waited for him, and prepared for him. God molded my heart and disciplined me not to make my future husband my idol/god, I thought I would never meet him because of that season of pruning. I trusted God’s plan for me. Yielded to His love. So now I am engaged, and I am in love with my fiancé, but Jesus will always be the lover of my soul. In this process of trusting God I’ve really learned (and this lesson is continually being engraved in my heart) that being a wife or a mother in the future will not make me whole and complete as a person. Only in Jesus will I be truly complete.

I’m excited to write new adventures, new lessons in this new season in life with Fosty. 🙂

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11 thoughts on “More Coffee Cup Adventures

  1. Hi po!I i want to ask a question if it’s alright. I usually read or stalk my ninong’s wall but i was kinda awkward to ask more about this but this piqued my curiosity. i hope you don’t mind but what’s the story behind “#ItsASmallWorld” hashtag? Also,when did you guys realize that you love each other? Also, medge awkward but are you guys going here on February? 🙂 Your story is so inspiring and i really can’t help but be curious. It’s amazing how you guys came together, and how you guys are like relationship goals.

    • Awww . . . Thank you for you kind words, dennisehart. Hmmm . . . how can I tell you our story in a nutshell? Hahah! That’s challenging. You need to hear the whole story! Hahah!

      Do you stay in Macau or in the Philippines? We’ll meet this February and we’ll both be in Macau and in the Philippines. I can meet you up personally and tell you our story and you can ask me questions. Also, add me up on facebook. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog! ^_^

      • omg po haha i stay po in the Philippines po. 🙂 My ninong’s sister told me that you he’ll introduce you po to his family/us in February. I hope to meet you in personal po. yeah, i added you po there in my personal FB account Dennise Co po. You’re welcome po, your blog seems interesting and you got me hooked so i’m interested to read more of your articles. ❤

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