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Welcome to Coffee Cup Adventures!

I’m Ana and married to a wonderful man who, unfortunately, do not share the same love I have for coffee (for he prefers tea). Read his blog here.

I am an artist. I do graphic design as well as traditional art. I just recently got interested doing lettering and calligraphy. I also like to write, thus this blog. I still keep my personal journal with me, because some things are not meant to be shared in public y’know. And I do these things while I sip a warm cup of coffee and let it stay until it cools down (my husband finds it weird). Also, I do NOT worship the god of coffee, my coffee maker is not my altar (although I bring my coffee percolator with me in my travels like my bible. Hihi!).

This blog is not about coffee, and it’s not just about travel (though I did share a few of my travel experiences every now and then). This blog is about life and how I see them and process my experiences. I am a Christian and I am unashamed of the Gospel. Apart from God, I am nothing.

Thank you for choosing to waste your precious time reading my blog post, I hope it is time well spent.

P.S. Some of my blog post are written in Tagalog, because why not?

31 thoughts on “About the writer

  1. Hi Miss Analeah, bakit ngayon ko lang na-discover itong blog na ito. 🙂 Interesting blog. Way back 2010 pa ung nasearch ko. Bakit single pa ako. 🙂


  2. kape sa umaga, kape sa gabi… kape ang kasama kahit saan magpunta… sa opisina, sa bahay, sa tambayan at kahit saan na may magandang pwesto at kwentuhan… sa lahat nang pagkakataon maiisip mo na lang, buti na lang nagkape ako… coffee cup adventures nga…

  3. “coffee cup adventures”>>
    cool ng tema ng blog..talagang nagreflect sayo na you really love coffee..
    nice!makabulhan ang pagdaan ko sa blog mo..di na sayang ang oras ko sa kakabasa ng mga articles mo.simple lang pero may sense..wew for sure bibisita ulit ako sa blog mo,,hehehe makikisabasa ulit..pag my bago..thanks for sharing your story! @_@

  4. oo grabe, stalker ako. haha! been meaning to make a “taglish” blog. well, meron na nga ata. ay oo nga, meron pala. haha! nakakatuwa.

    well, eto bagong stalker mo. napadaan lang from sarah cada.

  5. hi sis.. galing ng sense of humor mo.. hanga ako sa mga trip mo.. hahaha actually isa rin akong christian… sana makapag sulat din ako ng sarili kong blog…

  6. nakakatawa naman tong blog mo. nakakaaliw basahin. buti na lang napadaan ako. hahahahaha!

    i look forward to reading more of your posts. God bless you. 🙂


  7. Your About page made me laugh; I’m guessing that it’s the part about your coffee maker having an altar that did it.

    Oh and btw, I LOVE your header. Did you make that yourself too?

  8. Hi Anna,

    I enjoyed reading your posts. Glad to know that there’s a writer in your family (hmmm, baka mag-protesta ang kuya mo ah :p).

    For the record, hindi ako stalker ha hehehe

    Ate Ruth

  9. hahaha…bumili ako ng tumbler, kaya ayun, naaadik na rin ako sa kape at sa kung ano mang mainit! hehehe..para naman di masayang ang tumbler ko! hahaha…

  10. Looking forward to a more unlimited coffee experience and brewed coffee life like story! And not to forget to put sugar and cream for those who don’t like black and plain taste story. More cups to you of freshly made cappuccinos!

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