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Ahhhh . . . new year and every time I write at the beginning of the year it is mostly a look back of what happened in the previous year and/or write something hopeful for the new year. Today it’ll be different, actually I never thought there would come a day that I would write this. For years since I started this blog I’ve written a lot of entries about being single (like this, this, and this. That made my blog slightly famous by the way), I bet now you’ve guessed what I am about to write. This, I believe, is the best time to announce that I’ve met him, the person I call in my blog “my future husband.”

Woohoo! *throws confetti*

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Actually, I said “of course”

I’ve met Fosty June of 2014 during our MPD training. I was seated right next to him, a quiet guy from Macau. I thought he was a local so I started asking him questions about Macau only to find out that he’s Filipino (lels~) who works there and decided to do ministry work and plant churches. A young guy in his twenties deciding to do what God has called him to do, interesting right? After that five days training we parted ways, he flew back to Macau and I stayed in the Philippines. We never saw each other for six months, never even communicated with him. And why would I? For me we were just seat mates. But I didn’t know that during that time he was already praying for me.

To those who know me personally you already know my love story. It’s beautiful how God orchestrated every detail of our lives to bring us closer together. I’d probably write portion of it here every now and then, but for now I just want everybody to know that I am so looking forward to tie the knot with him this 2017.

I’ve been praying for him, I’ve waited for him, and prepared for him. God molded my heart and disciplined me not to make my future husband my idol/god, I thought I would never meet him because of that season of pruning. I trusted God’s plan for me. Yielded to His love. So now I am engaged, and I am in love with my fiancé, but Jesus will always be the lover of my soul. In this process of trusting God I’ve really learned (and this lesson is continually being engraved in my heart) that being a wife or a mother in the future will not make me whole and complete as a person. Only in Jesus will I be truly complete.

I’m excited to write new adventures, new lessons in this new season in life with Fosty. 🙂

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Paumanhin kung medyo huli na ito pero gusto ko lang magpasalamat sa lahat ng bumati sa akin nung aking kaarawan. Sa lahat ng . . .

• Bumati sa facebook
• Bumati sa private message
• Bumati sa text
• Bumati in person
• Nagbigay ng regalo
• Gumawa ng photo collage
• Gumawa ng video

Salamat sa effort ng pagbati, sa pagcompose ng message, nag-isip at gumastos sa regalo, nagbigay ng bonggang effort sa picture collage at video. Nakakabless kayo! Umaapaw sa kaligayahan ang aking puso. Maraming, maraming, maraming salamat!


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May nagsabi na ba sayo na maganda ka?

Isang araw tinanong ko ito . . .

“Lord, ako lang ba at ikaw ang nakakaalam na maganda ako?”

Tinawanan ko nalang ang sarili ko, at sa totoo lang hindi ko kailangan ng sagot dun. Pero kayo ba, (lalo na ang mga babae) natanong ninyo rin ba yun? O kaya yung tanong na “maganda ba ako?”


It's ok Natalie, you're still pretty, and hair grows. 😀

We humans celebrate beauty. Gusto natin magkaroon ng artistahing mukha, katawan na pwedeng ipagmalaki sa beach, magkaroon ng “perfect” hair (kung anuman yung elusive “perfect” hair na yun; straight ba o kulot? Hindi ko alam). We spend so much on clothes, shoes, hair, and make-up. We have fallen in love on the idea of beauty and, for some, would die for it. But what about inner beauty?

Physical beauty vs. Inner beauty

Q: Maganda ba siya?
A: Sobrang Mabait.
Q: Gwapo ba siya?
A: Masipag naman.

Physical beauty will always be the first thing that people will notice, but inner beauty will the the last thing that they will forget. Physical beauty will attract the eyes, but inner beauty enchants the soul. I don’t know if you’ve realized this–inner beauty does not seek the praises of men.

We, humans, are created to deteriorate; mapapanis tayo, mga kaibigan. It means that physical beauty will fade but inner beauty will not. Though it is important to take good care of our bodies but it is more important to cultivate our souls.

Dress to impress

And lastly, try to answer this question: Who am I trying to impress?

I hope this verse will help you narrow down your answer to just one:

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. (1Peter 3:3, 4)

Check your motives. Yes, we dress to impress but who is your target audience? We can dress right and do the right things because we want to be noticed by people OR do these things because we know it is of great worth in God’s eyes. I hope our motives should always be directed to God.

Personally, I came in to a conclusion that it’s ok for me if no one notice that I am beautiful. As long as I know that I am made beautiful in Christ, and in God’s sight I am of great value.


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Thirty Minutes Late

4:00 AM. Tumunog na alarm ko.

“10 more minutes . . .”

Pero alam ko na hindi ko dapat pinag-aantay si God.

“Please.” I insisted. I gave my flesh a few more minutes to satisfy its desire to sleep.

30 minutes passed. Gumising na ako.

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Photo source:

Binuksan ko Bible ko, nagbasa pero wala akong nakuha; I missed His presence. I was suppose to dine with God and feed my soul with His word, but now I find myself scrambling for a few crumbs only because I wanted to snooze some more.

Naramdaman ko yung naramdaman ni Esau nung wala na siyang blessing na nakuha galing kay Isaac.

. . . he burst out with a loud and bitter cry and said to his father, “Bless me—me too, my father!” (Genesis 27:34)

He didn’t get his blessing because He despised his birthright.

Then Jacob gave Esau some bread and some lentil stew. He ate and drank, and then got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright. (Genesis 25:34)

It was valid, Esau was hungry, but Jacob was even more hungry. Hungry for what? Hungry for the birthright.

Kung iisipin, ginawa ko naman ang dapat kong gawin–mag-quiet time. Buksan ang bible sa umaga, magpray, worship, etc. Don’t be too hard on yourself, Ana. OK na, nagawa mo na “duties” mo. But quiet time is not quiet time without His presence. And spending time with God is not just my duty–it’s my devotion.

I realized how much I demand God to give His promises NOW, His blessings NOW, His healing NOW. But when He asks for our time, our resources (actually, not ours but His), and our talents, what do we say? “Lord, 10 more minutes.” or “Lord, next year nalang.”

It’s stupid to think that God is all grace and mercy and devoid of wrath. Don’t ever forget that God is holy. He is the King and He can, and will, demand for attention.

Before I left my house I prayed–repented of my laziness. And then He said, “Sige, anak, bukas uli.”

Indeed, His mercies are new every morning.

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Status: Engaged

Wala akong plano na magsulat ng sequel sa aking blog na “Status: In a relationship” pero sadyang kakaiba lang talaga itong araw na ito. At kahit galing akong overtime pinilit kong isulat ang blog na ito bago siya lumipad sa aking isipan.

Nagsimula ang lahat nung napansin ko sa facebook na madaming nagpopost tungkol sa mga wedding proposals. Hindi ko alam kung anung meron, at anung nakain nila, na parang ginanahan ata sila magbasa at manood ng mga wedding proposal sa internet (at ishare sa facebook). Baka dahil malamig ang panahon? Ewan.

Greatest wedding proposal

Paano mo nga bang masasabi na ang isang wedding proposal ay “the best?” Dahil ba ito sa gimik? Sa background music? Sa venue? Sa presyo ng singsing? O sa script ng lalaki bago siya lumuhod at tanungin ang mga katagang “will you marry me?”

Hindi ko alam.

Image from


Meron akong alam na wedding proposal na, hindi lang ako pinakilig, pinaiyak pa ako. Walang singsing, walang musika, walang magarang venue pero dahil sa ginawa niya nasabi ko ang matamis kong “Oo.”

Ano ang binigay niya? Ang kanyang buhay.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.” (1 John 3:16)

Jesus referred to the Church (the people not the building) as His bride and He Himself the Bridegroom. Jesus didn’t just kneel down in front of His bride-to-be, instead He offered up His life to be crucified on the cross. As sad as it may seem, this, I believe, is the most beautiful wedding proposal in history. You see, we are not a beautiful bride; we are ugly sinners and we do not deserve the love of the King. But He loves us–oh so crazy in love with us.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

But of course, this is a wedding proposal. Jesus, the Bridegroom, is inviting us to be with Him; to experience His love; to honor Him, and of course, to love Him. Now the question is, are you going to say yes?

Now if you do, I just want you to pray this short prayer. Nothing fancy, just you and God. You don’t need to say it out loud, just say it in your heart and talk to Him.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin. Jesus, I thank you that you have laid down your life for me—a sinner. I’m sorry for all my sins. I ask that you cleanse me. Today, I receive you as my bridegroom, my Lord, and my Saviour for the rest of my life. Amen.

By the way, don’t worry the Bridegroom is not dead. He is alive and reigning. And we will all see Him in His glory. 🙂

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Status: In a Relationship

Sa simula ng bawat taon madaming bloggers ang nagsusulat ng kanilang “Things I want to do this New Year.” Madaming gusto maging positive at forward looking, hopeful at punong-puno ng possibilities. Nothing wrong with that, pero trip ko lang ngayon magpakasenti at magsulat (at ishare) ang natutunan ko last year. At dahil madami akong natutunan, ifocus ko nalang ang topic na madaming hits sa aking blog—ang pagiging single.

Ewan ko kung bakit madaming hits ang mga tags ko about relationship, single, love life, and whatnots. Sadya atang nakakaintriga ang buhay ng artistang single.


1) Being single is not a disease
Do I need to explain? LOL! Sige na nga.

Marahil nung family reunion madalas mong marinig ang tanong na “O, may boyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba?” at kapag sinagot mo ng “Wala pa po eh.” Manlalaki ang kanilang mga mata at sasabihin “Bakit??!!” na parang may ginawa kang kasalanan. The society treats singleness like a disease as if something’s wrong with you, and the only remedy is for you to get married. As a result, we tend to think that there is something wrong. Nope, you’re fine. It’s our perspective about being single that’s perverted.

Singleness is a gift, like being married is a gift. It’s a season in life that we need to celebrate. Instead of loathing and envying people, be productive. I know it’s easier said than done especially when you’re all alone during holidays (believe me, I’ve been there). So let’s continue, shall we?

2) Prioritize
Simula ng 2013 hindi ko binigyan ng halaga ang love life, hindi ko manlang ito sinulat sa aking faith goals. Hindi naman sa dahil ayaw ko nang umasa, may masbinigyan lang akong priority at ito ang aking relationship kay God.

Ang dasal ko nagbago, instead na “Lord, sana may manligaw na sa akin” naging “Lord, ligawan mo ako.” Instead na “Lord, nas’an na siya?” naging “Lord, nas’an Ka na?” At dahil dun, binihag Niya uli ang aking puso; ang dating nanlalamig na pag-ibig ko sa Kanya ay biglang nag-alab muli.

3) Wait, and wait some more
Madami akong naririnig na mga single women na nagrereklamo na “bakit hindi pa siya magsabi sa akin?” and “bakit ang bagal niya?” Ladies, ito lang masasabi ko, masmainam na pinag-pray ka nung guy at pareho kayong mag-antay kay Lord, kesa ligawan ka kagad ng hindi manlang pinag-iisipan ang ginagawa niya—not praying or not seeking help/advice, in short, he’s not doing his homework.

Better wait. Kung gwapo siya, hindi na siya magmumukhang gwapo kapag nag-aaway na kayo. Pramis, hindi siya kawalan. I’m not a man hater, but ladies we have to know our worth.

benefits of dating me

And lastly,

4) Delight
To all my beautiful single readers I want to remind you that God delights in you.

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. (Isaiah 62:5b)

Your beauty enthralls the King; you are always in His mind. He gives you only the best. He lavishes you with His love everyday. Are you not convinced?

No boyfriend can make you completely happy; no fiancé can fulfill all his promises; no husband can save you.

Delight in God. No equally sinful man, like us, will ever satisfy what we truly need. Unless we are convinced that He alone satisfies us, we will never be completely contented.

Be in love with Him first.


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The inconvenient Christmas

Traffic jam.

Christmas rush.

Parties to attend (with costumes and required performances).

Christmas gift checklist.

Also, pedestrian traffic jam.

And more.

Ito lang naman ang mga na eencounter kong stress every Christmas. Madalas kapag nagsimula na ang Christmas countdown napapailing nalang ako at napapasambit ng “ito na naman . . .” But before you judge me, I just want to say that don’t hate Christmas, and minsan kinakatakot kong maging isang grinch. Ayoko lang ng stress na dulot nito at sana maging less complicated ang pagdiwang nito.

Then I realized something—Christmas is inconvenient. Mary (pregnant) and Joseph couldn’t find a place to stay; Mary gave birth inside a stable; Jesus, a newborn, laid on a manger. Not to mention that Jesus’ life was in great danger. (Read Luke 2:1-20) There was no online registration, no mobile app to book a donkey, no early reservations for an overnight stay. Nada.

It wasn’t convenient for Jesus to come here on earth to save us from our sins, but He did. What motivated Him was His the love of His Father. He knew God loves us so much and that’s why he’d rather be inconvenienced. No, he even preferred to suffer for our sake.

And now, thinking about this made me realized how petty my Christmas stress is. Yes, there’s traffic; yes there are a lot of parties to attend and gifts to buy (and not to mention wrap); yes Christmas will move me outside of my comfort zone but I have to remember that Christmas is not about me, or the gifts, or the parties—it’s about Jesus who came here on earth to save a sinful and selfish bunch of people called you and I.

And here’s a quote from Eric Sevareid

“Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves.”

True that, Eric. True that.

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