The Hero Story

What’s happening, Lord?

A prayer I uttered as I watch another news about terrorism. I squeezed my hands together placed it gently on my lips as I uttered another prayer. My words were so simple mostly crying out for peace.

What’s happening? What can I do?

I know after this prayer one day I will hear another news about terrorism, and another, and another. More lives will be killed maybe someone I love dearly or maybe my very own life. I felt very helpless about the situation, but am I really helpless? Is there really nothing I can do?

I went home bearing the heaviness of the situation. Sure I’ve heard news about terrorism before but that day was different. That day I needed to cry. So I did, I went inside my room closed the door and sat on my bed, I faced the world map I placed on my wall and cried again. Asked the same question,

What’s happening? What can I do?

Then I noticed something. Two verses I placed on my world map to remind me of what I should be doing.

“. . . my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” – Isaiah 56:7

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.” -Esther 4:14


I am called to pray at this very moment. Yes, just pray. I know about this already, so why am I still asking God? The method is not the problem, and the Holy Spirit revealed something in my heart that I did not expect. I wanted to be the hero.

He placed my focus back to Jesus and the Holy Spirit said, “He is the real Hero in this story.” I stepped back and acknowledged His presence.

Jesus, at that moment, lifted the burden off my shoulders placed it on His and said, “it is finished.” God has already given the solution to this problem, and His name is Jesus.

Some people may say I am too naive and too simplistic. Granted. But one thing I know and I will hold on to this—we do not need another political leader to change the world, we need a Saviour and a King who loved us and forgave us of our sins and who will teach us to do the same to the people we both love and hate. And until the whole world knows Him, my job is not yet done.

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One Important Lesson Traveling has Taught me

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and there is one important lesson that stuck and changed my life completely. Now, there are a lot of lessons I’ve learned while going to different places and meeting different people but I just want to share this one simple yet life changing lesson.

I’ve learned to number my days. Yes, it is a simple as that. You see, traveling with people or alone taught me how to manage my time well, keep a calendar, and fulfill every single task on time. Traveling forces me to think about the travel time and strategize how to go from one place to the next in the shortest amount of time. Why? Because time is precious. My reasoning, if I miss my plane, if I miss my bus, if miss my boat, I don’t just miss my mode of transportation but I miss my opportunity to meet amazing people, miss an experience, miss the sunset, miss the sunrise, and so much more. Every minute counts.


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A day is composed of 24 hours and it is so easy to spend one day until you realize one week have passed and you have done nothing to move forward. Traveling has taught me that a day wasted means I will be left behind.

The Bible also teaches us the same thing, Proverbs 90:12 tells us,

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

You don’t have to be a traveler to apply this lesson. If we learn to number our days, we learn to live a better life; we make better decisions; we make every moment count. So I ask God to teach me to number my days because everyday is His gift to us, and how I spend every moment is my act of worship to Him.

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May nagsabi na ba sayo na maganda ka?

Isang araw tinanong ko ito . . .

“Lord, ako lang ba at ikaw ang nakakaalam na maganda ako?”

Tinawanan ko nalang ang sarili ko, at sa totoo lang hindi ko kailangan ng sagot dun. Pero kayo ba, (lalo na ang mga babae) natanong ninyo rin ba yun? O kaya yung tanong na “maganda ba ako?”


It's ok Natalie, you're still pretty, and hair grows. 😀

We humans celebrate beauty. Gusto natin magkaroon ng artistahing mukha, katawan na pwedeng ipagmalaki sa beach, magkaroon ng “perfect” hair (kung anuman yung elusive “perfect” hair na yun; straight ba o kulot? Hindi ko alam). We spend so much on clothes, shoes, hair, and make-up. We have fallen in love on the idea of beauty and, for some, would die for it. But what about inner beauty?

Physical beauty vs. Inner beauty

Q: Maganda ba siya?
A: Sobrang Mabait.
Q: Gwapo ba siya?
A: Masipag naman.

Physical beauty will always be the first thing that people will notice, but inner beauty will the the last thing that they will forget. Physical beauty will attract the eyes, but inner beauty enchants the soul. I don’t know if you’ve realized this–inner beauty does not seek the praises of men.

We, humans, are created to deteriorate; mapapanis tayo, mga kaibigan. It means that physical beauty will fade but inner beauty will not. Though it is important to take good care of our bodies but it is more important to cultivate our souls.

Dress to impress

And lastly, try to answer this question: Who am I trying to impress?

I hope this verse will help you narrow down your answer to just one:

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. (1Peter 3:3, 4)

Check your motives. Yes, we dress to impress but who is your target audience? We can dress right and do the right things because we want to be noticed by people OR do these things because we know it is of great worth in God’s eyes. I hope our motives should always be directed to God.

Personally, I came in to a conclusion that it’s ok for me if no one notice that I am beautiful. As long as I know that I am made beautiful in Christ, and in God’s sight I am of great value.


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Status: In a Relationship

Sa simula ng bawat taon madaming bloggers ang nagsusulat ng kanilang “Things I want to do this New Year.” Madaming gusto maging positive at forward looking, hopeful at punong-puno ng possibilities. Nothing wrong with that, pero trip ko lang ngayon magpakasenti at magsulat (at ishare) ang natutunan ko last year. At dahil madami akong natutunan, ifocus ko nalang ang topic na madaming hits sa aking blog—ang pagiging single.

Ewan ko kung bakit madaming hits ang mga tags ko about relationship, single, love life, and whatnots. Sadya atang nakakaintriga ang buhay ng artistang single.


1) Being single is not a disease
Do I need to explain? LOL! Sige na nga.

Marahil nung family reunion madalas mong marinig ang tanong na “O, may boyfriend/girlfriend ka na ba?” at kapag sinagot mo ng “Wala pa po eh.” Manlalaki ang kanilang mga mata at sasabihin “Bakit??!!” na parang may ginawa kang kasalanan. The society treats singleness like a disease as if something’s wrong with you, and the only remedy is for you to get married. As a result, we tend to think that there is something wrong. Nope, you’re fine. It’s our perspective about being single that’s perverted.

Singleness is a gift, like being married is a gift. It’s a season in life that we need to celebrate. Instead of loathing and envying people, be productive. I know it’s easier said than done especially when you’re all alone during holidays (believe me, I’ve been there). So let’s continue, shall we?

2) Prioritize
Simula ng 2013 hindi ko binigyan ng halaga ang love life, hindi ko manlang ito sinulat sa aking faith goals. Hindi naman sa dahil ayaw ko nang umasa, may masbinigyan lang akong priority at ito ang aking relationship kay God.

Ang dasal ko nagbago, instead na “Lord, sana may manligaw na sa akin” naging “Lord, ligawan mo ako.” Instead na “Lord, nas’an na siya?” naging “Lord, nas’an Ka na?” At dahil dun, binihag Niya uli ang aking puso; ang dating nanlalamig na pag-ibig ko sa Kanya ay biglang nag-alab muli.

3) Wait, and wait some more
Madami akong naririnig na mga single women na nagrereklamo na “bakit hindi pa siya magsabi sa akin?” and “bakit ang bagal niya?” Ladies, ito lang masasabi ko, masmainam na pinag-pray ka nung guy at pareho kayong mag-antay kay Lord, kesa ligawan ka kagad ng hindi manlang pinag-iisipan ang ginagawa niya—not praying or not seeking help/advice, in short, he’s not doing his homework.

Better wait. Kung gwapo siya, hindi na siya magmumukhang gwapo kapag nag-aaway na kayo. Pramis, hindi siya kawalan. I’m not a man hater, but ladies we have to know our worth.

benefits of dating me

And lastly,

4) Delight
To all my beautiful single readers I want to remind you that God delights in you.

As a bridegroom rejoices over his bride, so will your God rejoice over you. (Isaiah 62:5b)

Your beauty enthralls the King; you are always in His mind. He gives you only the best. He lavishes you with His love everyday. Are you not convinced?

No boyfriend can make you completely happy; no fiancé can fulfill all his promises; no husband can save you.

Delight in God. No equally sinful man, like us, will ever satisfy what we truly need. Unless we are convinced that He alone satisfies us, we will never be completely contented.

Be in love with Him first.


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How to effectively ruin your designers creativity?

Dahil minsan lang ako magpost ng english blog. First time ko rin subukan ang “press this” button ng wordpress kaya pagbigyan ninyo na ako.

How to effectively ruin your designers creativity?.

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Before you buy that camera

Madami na akong nakikita na profile picture sa mga social media sites na mga taong nagpapakuha o kumukuha ng picture hawak ang kanilang (o hindi kaya hiram na) DSLR. Madaming ibig sabihin ang paghawak ng camera sa harap ng camera (o salamin) at pagpost nito sa social media:

Isa akong photographer, hire me.

Hindi ako professional photographer pero marunong ako kumuha ng picture

Afford ko ang DSLR

Binigay sa akin ito, mahal ako ng taong nagbigay nito

Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano ito gamitin pero ang cute ko kasi mukhang marunong ako

Gusto ko magkaroon ng DSLR

Nang-aasar lang kasi cliché ang magpakuha ng ganitong picture

Ok lang daw na iupload ko ito basta wag ko lang icrop ang kanyang wafu face

Kung anuman ang dahilan natin cool talaga ang magkaroon ng sariling DSLR. Kung meron ka na congrats, maslamang ka sa mga taong nag-aasam pa rin magkaroon ng sarili nilang DSLR (tulad ko). Pero kung wala pa at pinag-iisipan mo kung bibili ka o hindi para sa iyo ang blog post na ito.

Una, tanungin ang iyong sarili, bakit ko ba gusting bumili ng DSLR camera? Hobby lang ba o balak mong gawin pang-negosyo? Kung pang-business at talagang marunong kang gumamit ng camera at alam mo ang basics ng photography then go! Mahal man ang camerang ito alam mo naman na babalik din sa iyo ang perang pinangbili mo dahil kikita ka naman bilang isang photographer. Kung hobbyist ka naman at gusto mo lang kumuha ng picture na maganda para iupload lang sa facebook, mag-isip isip ka muna.

Wala naman sama kung bibili ka ng camera na kasing mahal ng isang laptop, kung meron ka naman perang pangbili ng camera, lente, case, at tripod then why not! Malay nga naman natin baka nagtatago lang ang isang photographer pero walang DSLR *ubo ubo*

Checklist para malaman kung bibilhin na ang inaasam na DSLR:

Madami ba nagsasabi na maganda ang mga photos na kinuha ko lang sa aking cellphone camera o kaya point-and-shoot camera? Tandaan, ang galing ay nasa Indyan, at hindi sa pana. Kung simpleng cellphone camera lang ay napapaganda mo na ang mga kinukuha mong litrato malamang handa ka na magDSLR.

May alam ba ako sa basics ng photography? Alam ko ba ang aperture, f-stop, ISO, white balance, etc. Kung hindi pa aralin muna ito. Madaming tutorial sa internet na pwede mong basahin at panoorin. Kung ayaw mong pag-aralan pwes, magpoint-and-shoot camera ka nalang.

• May alam ba ako sa darkroom Photoshop? Importante sa isang photographer, professional man o hindi, na malaman ang nangyayari sa loob ng darkroom. Hindi mo pa matatawag na sa iyo ang mga photos na kinunan mo kung hindi ikaw mismo ang nagprocess nito. Since hindi na gaanong uso ang film at hindi naman lahat ay kaya magproseso ng kanilang mga photos sa darkroom dahil mahal ang mga chemicals at enlarger (not to mention wala kang dark “room”) meron naman Photoshop. Ang photoshop ay ang digital darkroom sabi ni Thomas and John Knoll. At kung hindi mo pa ito alam madaming tutorial sa internet. Masaya mag-aral ng photoshop PRAMIS!

• Ano nga bang gagawin ko sa mga photos na kinuha ko? Sabihin na natin na meron ka nang DSLR, now what? Anong gagawin mo sa mga photos na kinuha mo? Pangfacebook lang ba? Gagawa ka ba ng photoblog? Pangdisplay sa bahay? Pangsali ng contest? Pag-isipan mo itong mabuti. Sino ba ang titingin ng mga photos mo?

• Alam ko na ba ang camera na gusto ko? Magresearch alamin ang camera na swak lang para sa iyo. Kailangan mo na ba kagad bumili ng underwater DSLR camera? Ano mga features na maganda? Kaya ba sa budget? Kung hindi ka pa tiyak, magtanong ka sa mga friendly photographers na pakalat kalat sa Hidalgo kakilala mong photographers.

Kung nasagot mo na ang mga katunungan na ito at decided ka na talagang bumili ng DSLR camera eh ano pang hinihintay mo? At kapag nabili mo na, huwag mong kalimutan na magpakuha ng picture na hawak ito. 😉


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Paano maligo kapag malamig ang panahon

Kaugalian na ng mga Pilipino ang maligo araw-araw. Kahit malamig, kahit male-late na sa school/office, kahit magunaw na ang mundo maliligo pa rin ang mga Pilipino. Personally, isa ako sa mga taong yun, pero hindi ko rin pwedeng iclaim na lahat ng Pilipino ay naliligo araw-araw, especially kapag malamig ang panahon.

Ngayong January malamig na naman ang simoy ng hangin at para malaman niyo ang experience ko dito sa bahay kapag malamig ang panahon read this. So paano na yan? Struggle na naman sa mga Pilipino ang maligo sa umaga. No worries naghagilap ako ng mga paraan kung paano maligo kapag malamig ang panahon (salamat sa social media).

Paano maligo kapag malamig ang panahon:

1) Magpa-init ng tubig.

Syempre kapag ang temperatura ay umaabot na ng 19 degrees Celsius (below) mainam nga naman magpanit nalang ng tubig hindi ba? Pero paano kung wala kang water heater? Paano kung naubusan kayo ng gas, o di kaya ay walang kuryente?

2) Maligo nalang sa gabi.

Kung malamig nga naman bakit mo pagpipilitan maligo sa umaga diba? Edi sa gabi nalang. Isang matalinong nilalang ang nag-suggest nito. At kung nagbigay ako ng prize for best answer malamang may premyo siya. 😀

3) Tiisin ang lamig at uminom nalang ng kape after (o kahit anong mainit na inumin)

Tiis-tiis nalang tapos kapag nalampasan reward yourself with a hot cup of coffee. Pero kung magpapainit ka na rin lang ng tubig para sa kape edi sana magpainit ka na rin ng pangligo mo.

4) Titigan ang malamig na tubig hanggang sa uminit ito.

Mind over matter ata ito. Para lang yan “I’m tougher than nails” drama. Pero ginawa ko ito dati. Tinitigan ko ang icy cold water, nung nagbuhos ako malamig pa rin kaya kumanta nalang ako ng “Hallelujah Chorus” para makalimutan ang lamig. Wah epek.

5) Wisik-wisik

In other words, ligong uwak. Pwede din ligong ipis. Teka . . . naliligo ba ang ipis?

6) Itapon ang unang buhos.

Sabi ng kuya ko dahil ang unang buhos daw ang pinakamalamig sa lahat, itapon daw ang unang buhos at yung pangalawang buhos ang ipangligo mo. Isa lang ang masasabi ko dito—ang galing talaga ng kuya ko magbigay ng advice.

7) Mag-umpisa sa baba pataas

Ito actually ang ginagawa ko kapag naliligo—inuuna ko muna ang aking paa, tiyan, tapos balikat hangang buong katawan. Ang rational ng ganitong klase ng pagligo ay para hindi ka mabigla sa malamig na tubig. Pero kung gusto mong itapon ang unang buhos tulad ng kuya ko hindi kita pipigilan.

So yun, ito lang muna ang mga mabibigay kong advice galing sa mga friends and family members na nagshare ng kanilang expertise sa pagligo. Sana’y may naitulong kami. Kayo? Ano bang maiiaadvice mo sa amin?

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