Outrageous Love: Part 2

Over the past centuries lot of individuals, movement, religion, and whatnot have misrepresented Jesus. They do their plans “in the name of Jesus” hurting and killing so many lives. Sad thing about it is that Jesus’ name is still being used for their own personal gain.

I’m not writing this to defend His divinity, I am writing this to somehow tell you, my beloved readers, why Jesus came and did what He did when He was here on earth, and the WHY behind WHAT He did is far more important to me. But before anything else, I do not claim to be a theologian, I am though, a Christian who’s been smitten by this outrageous love that only He (Jesus) can give.

One day when I went home to visit my mom, one of our cute dogs, Coleen, approached me with her tail wagging like crazy, then she dropped something on my foot like a gift from her to me. To my surprise horror it’s not a toy but a cockroach, barely alive twitching and turning trying to escape his uh . . . death. So I shook my leg horrendously wanting to get that thing off my foot. But my dog was just so happy, she offered her gift of love and who am I to complai? But I don’t need her gift, I don’t need her pet cockroach, I just want to play with her.

photo credit: pinterest.com

We humans are somehow like Coleen, we come to God and we offer our gifts of love, our sacrifices, our good works trying to please Him — our Master. But God doesn’t need our gifts for He owns everything, He doesn’t need our talents nor our good works, He just wants you and me. All this sacrifices and good deeds are like filthy rags to Him (or like that cockroach). God is not an insecure God that if you don’t do certain religious stuff He’ll be sad or mad at us. In reality, He was the One who gave the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy Him forever. I’m not talking about hyper grace here, but I am presenting this outrageous, lavish love He wants to give us.

Now about good works and obedience to His word and commands, we still have to obey that. Not to show how much you love Him but for us to know how much He loves us, so that we may understand His will and know, by obeying, His will is good, pleasing and perfect for us.

How then do we receive this “outrageous love”? By simply admitting that, by your own good works, you cannot merit His love. We can only get it if we receive it by faith. Acknowledge that it is only through Jesus that we can go to God — nothing more, nothing less. Some may be offended by its simplicity, some may not even accept Jesus. But Jesus is not moved to love you more if you love him back or not, because even before He went to that cross He had already decided to love you and me extravagantly. And now the question remains, will you accept that love? If you do then I want you to pray and tell God that you want to receive that love and acknowledge that it is only through Jesus you can receive that eternal love from the Him, our Father.

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Paumanhin kung medyo huli na ito pero gusto ko lang magpasalamat sa lahat ng bumati sa akin nung aking kaarawan. Sa lahat ng . . .

• Bumati sa facebook
• Bumati sa private message
• Bumati sa text
• Bumati in person
• Nagbigay ng regalo
• Gumawa ng photo collage
• Gumawa ng video

Salamat sa effort ng pagbati, sa pagcompose ng message, nag-isip at gumastos sa regalo, nagbigay ng bonggang effort sa picture collage at video. Nakakabless kayo! Umaapaw sa kaligayahan ang aking puso. Maraming, maraming, maraming salamat!


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May nagsabi na ba sayo na maganda ka?

Isang araw tinanong ko ito . . .

“Lord, ako lang ba at ikaw ang nakakaalam na maganda ako?”

Tinawanan ko nalang ang sarili ko, at sa totoo lang hindi ko kailangan ng sagot dun. Pero kayo ba, (lalo na ang mga babae) natanong ninyo rin ba yun? O kaya yung tanong na “maganda ba ako?”


It's ok Natalie, you're still pretty, and hair grows. 😀

We humans celebrate beauty. Gusto natin magkaroon ng artistahing mukha, katawan na pwedeng ipagmalaki sa beach, magkaroon ng “perfect” hair (kung anuman yung elusive “perfect” hair na yun; straight ba o kulot? Hindi ko alam). We spend so much on clothes, shoes, hair, and make-up. We have fallen in love on the idea of beauty and, for some, would die for it. But what about inner beauty?

Physical beauty vs. Inner beauty

Q: Maganda ba siya?
A: Sobrang Mabait.
Q: Gwapo ba siya?
A: Masipag naman.

Physical beauty will always be the first thing that people will notice, but inner beauty will the the last thing that they will forget. Physical beauty will attract the eyes, but inner beauty enchants the soul. I don’t know if you’ve realized this–inner beauty does not seek the praises of men.

We, humans, are created to deteriorate; mapapanis tayo, mga kaibigan. It means that physical beauty will fade but inner beauty will not. Though it is important to take good care of our bodies but it is more important to cultivate our souls.

Dress to impress

And lastly, try to answer this question: Who am I trying to impress?

I hope this verse will help you narrow down your answer to just one:

Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as braided hair and the wearing of gold jewelry and fine clothes. Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight. (1Peter 3:3, 4)

Check your motives. Yes, we dress to impress but who is your target audience? We can dress right and do the right things because we want to be noticed by people OR do these things because we know it is of great worth in God’s eyes. I hope our motives should always be directed to God.

Personally, I came in to a conclusion that it’s ok for me if no one notice that I am beautiful. As long as I know that I am made beautiful in Christ, and in God’s sight I am of great value.


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Status: Engaged

Wala akong plano na magsulat ng sequel sa aking blog na “Status: In a relationship” pero sadyang kakaiba lang talaga itong araw na ito. At kahit galing akong overtime pinilit kong isulat ang blog na ito bago siya lumipad sa aking isipan.

Nagsimula ang lahat nung napansin ko sa facebook na madaming nagpopost tungkol sa mga wedding proposals. Hindi ko alam kung anung meron, at anung nakain nila, na parang ginanahan ata sila magbasa at manood ng mga wedding proposal sa internet (at ishare sa facebook). Baka dahil malamig ang panahon? Ewan.

Greatest wedding proposal

Paano mo nga bang masasabi na ang isang wedding proposal ay “the best?” Dahil ba ito sa gimik? Sa background music? Sa venue? Sa presyo ng singsing? O sa script ng lalaki bago siya lumuhod at tanungin ang mga katagang “will you marry me?”

Hindi ko alam.

Image from pinterest.com

Image: pinterest.com

Meron akong alam na wedding proposal na, hindi lang ako pinakilig, pinaiyak pa ako. Walang singsing, walang musika, walang magarang venue pero dahil sa ginawa niya nasabi ko ang matamis kong “Oo.”

Ano ang binigay niya? Ang kanyang buhay.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us.” (1 John 3:16)

Jesus referred to the Church (the people not the building) as His bride and He Himself the Bridegroom. Jesus didn’t just kneel down in front of His bride-to-be, instead He offered up His life to be crucified on the cross. As sad as it may seem, this, I believe, is the most beautiful wedding proposal in history. You see, we are not a beautiful bride; we are ugly sinners and we do not deserve the love of the King. But He loves us–oh so crazy in love with us.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

But of course, this is a wedding proposal. Jesus, the Bridegroom, is inviting us to be with Him; to experience His love; to honor Him, and of course, to love Him. Now the question is, are you going to say yes?

Now if you do, I just want you to pray this short prayer. Nothing fancy, just you and God. You don’t need to say it out loud, just say it in your heart and talk to Him.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for sending your Son, Jesus to die on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin. Jesus, I thank you that you have laid down your life for me—a sinner. I’m sorry for all my sins. I ask that you cleanse me. Today, I receive you as my bridegroom, my Lord, and my Saviour for the rest of my life. Amen.

By the way, don’t worry the Bridegroom is not dead. He is alive and reigning. And we will all see Him in His glory. 🙂

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My take on NBA Finals 2013


Kailangan magpigil kasi nasa office. At dahil busy sa work umaasa lang ako sa live tweets. #NBAfinals

Pero kahit na intense pa rin! Congrats Miami Heat! Umpisa palang alam ko nang panalo kayo. *chos!* 😉

At para sa aking brother-in-law, salamat at hinikayat mo akong manood ng game. Best in-law bonding evah!!! 😀

NBA finals


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Why do I write?

Tinanong ko ito sa sarili ko nung isang araw (habang nasa shower). Oo nga naman, bakit ba ako nagbubuhos ng energy, time, at effort sa pagsusulat eh hindi naman ako kumikita ng pera sa pagbblog ko? San ba ito nagsimula? Bakit nga ba ako nagsusulat?

Ang aking mga magulang. Magaling ang nanay ko words; magaling magtahi ng mga salita, at mahilig siya sa crossword puzzles. Kaya niyang humuli ng mga salita na hindi nagagamit sa tamang kahulugan nito. Kaya kung hindi mo alam ang ibig sabihin ng mga salitang ginagamit mo, English man o Filipino, huwag mo nalang sabihin. Sa kanya ko nakuha magsulat ng maayos.

Ang tatay ko naman ay magaling sa rin words. Nung bata pa kami magkkwento siya ng mga stories bago kami matulog; hindi niya kami binabasahan ng stories, gumagawa siya. Mahilig rin siyang gumawa ng liham para sa amin ni ate tuwing birthdays, valentine’s day, Christmas, etc. He is fluent in both English and Filipino. Sa kanya ko naman nakuha ang pagiging malikhain ko sa words.

Growing up. Bihira ako ma-bore nung bata ako. Kaya kong masurvive ang holy week kahit walang cartoons (wala pa kasing cable TV nung panahon namin). Ang paglalaro namin ng Barbies ng ate ko ay hindi tulad ng laro ng aming mga ka-contemporary na mga bata. Habang ok na sa kanila ang pagsuklay at pagpalit ng damit ng mga Barbies nila sa amin nila ate ay iba—meron kaming story. May plot ang aming paglalaro, may episodes, may title, at may character development. Hindi ko makakalimutan nung pinatay ni ate yung pet goldfish ni Barbie (THE PAIN!!!). Dito nahasa ang aking imagination at paghugot ng emosyon sa storya.


Tumungtong na kami sa highschool ni ate at huminto na rin ang paglalaro namin, pero hindi dito huminto ang paggawa ko ng mga storya. Dahil mahilig akong magdrawing naisipan kong gumawa ng graphic novel. Every break time sa school o di kaya kapag summer, kaharap ang notebook at ballpen, magddrawing ako at gagawa ng story; tulad ni daddy nung bata pa kami, meron din akong mga storya na nilikha gamit ang imahinasyon. Sayang dalawa nalang yung naligtas kong notebooks, at yung isa ay hindi pa tapos. 😦

Naging busy na ako nung college at wala na akong panahon gumawa ng personal projects dahil, sa kursong fine arts, ginto kung makatulog ka ng walong oras. Pero hindi dito huminto ang aking pagsusulat; nakakita ako ng panibagong platform para magtapon ng mga ideas—ang blog.

2006 akong nagsimula magblog at pinagpatuloy ko na ito. Dito ko na binubuhos ang aking creativity at minsang brain farts. Meron akong personal blog, at meron akong art blog.

Sa hinaba-haba ng kinuwento ko hindi ko pa rin nasabi kung bakit nga ba akong nagsusulat? Probably for these reasons:

1)   Na realize ko na masmainam sa akin magsulat nalang kesa magsalita. I can express myself more in written words.

2)   Masaya ako kapag may napapatawa akong mga tao sa mga nasulat ko.

3)   Gusto ko kapag wala na ako sa mundo ang buhay ko ay hindi makakalimutan. Patuloy pa rin ako magpapatawa at magpapa-inspire ng mga tao sa mga nasulat ko.

Hindi ko alam kung hanggang kailan ako magsusulat pero hanggang kaya ko pa sulat lang ng sulat. 😉

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