From my sour bowl of cereals


I am my husband’s official cupbearer. How I got that title was when we drank a bowl of stale milk while eating our cereals. I knew for sure there was something wrong with the milk; he, on the other hand, didn’t notice any difference at all. After being convinced that the milk was stale he dubbed me as his official cupbearer, making sure he won’t drink any stale food or milk for that matter.

I’ve noticed, in this new season of my life, I need to upgrade my time studying the word of God. Like training my tongue to know whether the food is good or not, I need to train my myself to hear the voice of God through the scriptures. We are living in a generation that shoots information faster than the speed of light; we consume thousands of these




Whether these pieces of information are good or bad we absorb them like a sponge. Exposing myself to the Word of God I can easily glean out things that will not be beneficial for me. Like a good cupbearer, it is my duty to know what information will poison my system.

It’s time for an upgrade!


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An open letter to my future sons and daughters

Isang gabi naisipan ko lang magpost ng sa facebook ng maikling note to my future sons and daughters.

Na gustuhan ko ang idea na ito at naisipan kong sumulat nalang ng liham para mabasa nila sa future (sana nga lang basahin nila blog ko).

Dear future sons and daughters,

Today is a gloomy day but I will not allow the weather to dampen my spirit, so instead I’ve decided to dream and look forward to the future to get me excited. Here’s a list of what I am planning to do in the future with you and your dad:

  1. Go to some art, history, science museums
  2. Watch theater plays
  3. Watch an orchestra or maybe watch mom perform on stage
  4. Picnics
  5. Go to the bookstore at list once a month and buy books.
  6. Do crafts and artworks together, or maybe even have a photography session
  7. Bake (But first I need to buy an oven and learn how to bake)
  8. Will teach you how to cook
  9. Will teach you that doing chores can be fun
  10. We’ll teach you how to pray
  11. Read Bible stories together
  12. Help the poor
  13. We’ll have an appreciation day apart from the usual thanksgiving day
  14. Go to new places at least once a year
  15. We’ll teach you how to be good stewards of your resources (your mommy is still learning but I am appreciating this season)
  16. We will definitely go to the beach and build sand castles
  17. We’ll go to other countries and help churches
  18. We will encourage one another
  19. Sing songs together
  20. Rest assured that we will buy you toys
  21. I know we will travel a lot but I will make sure I will teach you Filipino
  22. We will visit your cousins, titos and titas, and your grandmoms and granddads.
  23. I have to ask your dad first, but for me you can drink coffee at the age of 10. 😉
  24. Yes, we’ll have dogs
  25. Bonus: Your dad and I will discipline you, it’ll be unpleasant at first but you will appreciate it when you guys grow up.

These are just few of the things I can think of right now, but there’ll be more. I cannot speak for your dad (because I don’t know him yet) but I assure you that he is awesome. Maybe he will teach you math, or how to swim, maybe how to ride a bike or how to drive. I’m excited to see you guys, know that I am praying for you. God bless my little ones.

Love, your mom

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