The Hero Story

What’s happening, Lord?

A prayer I uttered as I watch another news about terrorism. I squeezed my hands together placed it gently on my lips as I uttered another prayer. My words were so simple mostly crying out for peace.

What’s happening? What can I do?

I know after this prayer one day I will hear another news about terrorism, and another, and another. More lives will be killed maybe someone I love dearly or maybe my very own life. I felt very helpless about the situation, but am I really helpless? Is there really nothing I can do?

I went home bearing the heaviness of the situation. Sure I’ve heard news about terrorism before but that day was different. That day I needed to cry. So I did, I went inside my room closed the door and sat on my bed, I faced the world map I placed on my wall and cried again. Asked the same question,

What’s happening? What can I do?

Then I noticed something. Two verses I placed on my world map to remind me of what I should be doing.

“. . . my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” – Isaiah 56:7

“Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created.” -Esther 4:14


I am called to pray at this very moment. Yes, just pray. I know about this already, so why am I still asking God? The method is not the problem, and the Holy Spirit revealed something in my heart that I did not expect. I wanted to be the hero.

He placed my focus back to Jesus and the Holy Spirit said, “He is the real Hero in this story.” I stepped back and acknowledged His presence.

Jesus, at that moment, lifted the burden off my shoulders placed it on His and said, “it is finished.” God has already given the solution to this problem, and His name is Jesus.

Some people may say I am too naive and too simplistic. Granted. But one thing I know and I will hold on to this—we do not need another political leader to change the world, we need a Saviour and a King who loved us and forgave us of our sins and who will teach us to do the same to the people we both love and hate. And until the whole world knows Him, my job is not yet done.

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The Second Choice, the Forgotten, the Last Option

I remember someone said this, “People will always remember the first, not the second.” Here are some questions to prove his point:

Who’s second person to climb Mt. Everest?
What’s the second fastest animal?
What’s the name of the second highest tower?
What’s the second largest continent?



Most, if not all, will remember the first, and not the second (or the succeeding). Well, except for king David—the famous second king of Israel.

David was, most of the time, the second or the last choice: He was the second king of Israel (1 Samuel 16:1); the second husband of Abigail (1 Samuel 25); the last option to be anointed among his brothers, if not the forgotten one (1 Samuel 16:10-13). And the last option to, unthinkably, defeat Goliath.

We remember David. A lot of books were written about him. His psalms are sung in churches. His stories are being preached countless times, and almost everybody wants to be like him—an ordinary boy doing an ordinary job, defeating the giant, and becoming the second king of Israel.

The second choice, forgotten, the last option—we all can relate with David. But unlike most of us, the ranking didn’t bother him. Why? Because his heart was set on God, his mind on Him. His identity was with God. Did he complain because he was the second king? No. Was he mad because he was almost forgotten when the prophet came? No. Was he intimidated because no one trusted his skills to fight Goliath? Not even.

I hope we can all be like David, that even if we are not the first choice or the first in line, we will still give our best to God—our first love.


Ernst Schmied
Pronghorn antelope
One World Trade Center

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The 14 days Challenge

Ipagpatawad at medyo matagal tagal akong hindi nakapagblog. Pagdating na pagdating ng September, last quarter ng taon, bumuhos na kagad ang dami ng trabaho at activities ng inyong lingkod. Actually busy pa rin ako hanggang ngayon pero hindi ko lang talaga pwedeng pabayaan ang aking blog, at siyempre miss ko na rin kayo.

Awww . . .

Hemingway, aside sa pagsingit sa aking schedule ang blog post na ito, meron din akong hindi pwedeng hindi ko gagawin at ito ang pag-quiet time. Ang aking quiet time ay ang oras ko ng pagbasa ng Bible at pagdadasal, hindi pwedeng matapos ang araw ng hindi ko manlang nagagawa ito. Pero, aaminin ko, hindi naging madali ang disiplina na ito sa akin.

It all started with a decision.

Nagdecide ako. Ayokong maging wishy-washy Christian, yung tipong kapag trip ko magbasa ng Bible at magdasal saka ko lang ito gagawin. Kung pagod ako at inaantok sa susunod na araw nalang ako magbabasa. Ganito ako noon. Share ko lang ang aking reasons kung bakit ako nagdecide disiplinahin ang aking sarili pagdating sa quiet time:

  1. I want to be called God’s friend. Yung tulad ng level ng friendship ni Abraham and Moses kay God.
  2. I want to follow Jesus’ life of prayer and intimacy with God.
  3. I want to be prosperous and successful in everything that I do. See Joshua 1:8

Kung hindi ko didisiplinahin sarili ko mabagal akong magmamature sa akin relationship kay God. Kaya bakit pa ito patatagalin?

Alam kong hindi ito madali, kaya gumawa ako ng  4 easy actionable steps na pwede ninyo rin gawin (kung gusto ninyong lang naman seryosohin ang disiplina ng pagbabasa ng Bible at pagdadasal). Tulad ng sinabi ko kanina, it all starts with a decision. Hindi ko kayo pwedeng pilitin kung ayaw ninyo, but let me assure you there are benefits if you spend time with God by reading His word and praying. Sabi nga sa Psalm 1:1-3 . . .

Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked . . . But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on His law he meditates day and night.
He is like a tree planted by the streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

Step 1: Decide that you want to spend time with God everyday.

Step 2: Set a time in the morning and in the evening to read the Bible and pray.

Step 3: Read your Bible and pray on the set schedule (treat it like an appointment with God) for 14 days without fail. Don’t be late.

Step 4: Listen to God and be attentive when you read and pray. Remember that you’re in the presence of the King.

Why 14 days? Because it takes 2 weeks for a person to form a habit. Mukha lang siyang mahirap sa umpisa because you have to wake up a little bit early in the morning and mababawasan yung facebook time mo sa gabi. BUT don’t give up. It is fulfilling. And kapag na sanay ka na automatic na yun sa system mo. 🙂

So are you up for the challenge? I promise you’ll not be disappointed if you do this.


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The Ego has Landed

“Ang ganda mo naman.”

“Ang galing mo!”

“Ang talino naman ng naisip mo!”

Compliments. Masaya silang pakinggan lalo na kung para sa iyo yun. But there is something we should know about compliments—they are intoxicants.

This week nagdecide ako magpower dress. Madami kasing ginagawa ngayon sa opisina kaya naisipan ko na kahit pagod ako at least hindi ako mukhang pagod. I’m expecting a few compliments from my colleagues lalo na yung mga kaclose ko. Pero hindi ko ineexpect ang dagsa ng compliments na matatanggap ko galing sa iba’t ibang tao. Nakakataba ng puso, at nakakalaki ng ulo.

Compliments are intoxicating, and it feels sooooo good. Kaya bentang benta ang social media nakakaboost kasi ito ng ego. Questions like: Ilan na ba ang nag-like sa photo ko? Ilan na ba ang mga notifications na nareceive ko? Ilan na ba ang blog stats ko? How much time do we spend in front of the computer waiting for someone to “like” what we did?

Ang tanong, masama ba na tumanggap ng compliments? Hindi naman. Ilagay sa lugar ang pagtanggap nito. Sabi nga ng boss ko, “Be careful how you receive them [compliments]. Just smell and don’t swallow.”

Another writer, I forgot who, suggests that we bounce the compliment back to the giver.

Example: “Ang galing naman ng naisip mo!” say thank you tapos ibalik mo uli sa kanya by saying something like “But without your initial idea I wouldn’t be able to think about this.” Hindi naman sa bolahin mo yung tao, be sincere din.

Lastly, huwag mong habulin ang compliments. Masnakakataba ito ng puso kesa sa deliberately gumagawa ka ng paraan para mabigyan ka nito. Better not to expect it AT ALL.

The praises of people, as meaningful and as sincere, are still fleeting and shallow. And we do not have to let the whole world know about the nice things we did. Don’t worry, God who sees things done in secret, will reward you. And I’d rather want that than any beautiful compliment from people.

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Lessons in life we can learn from Titanic

Meron akong pinag-iisipan na ipost sa blog ko bago magpasukan uli­—1. Tungkol sa Easter at 2. Tungkol sa Titanic. Since madami na akong nababasa sa facebook at twitter tungkol sa Easter nagwagi ang Titanic. Alam niyo naman na hindi ako mainstream . . .


100 years nang nakakalipas noong April 14, 1912 lumubog ang Titanic dahil bamangga ito sa isang floating iceberg. Bakit ito lumubog at paano panoorin ninyo nalang ang Titanic special ng Nat Geo. Pramis madami kang namatututunan.

Para sa akin ito ang take home ko sa mga napanood kong Titanic Docu:

1)   Huwag kang mayabang

Binansagan ang Titanic na Unsinkable Ship. Sa laki nito sabi nila kahit daw si God hindi kayang patumbahin ang Titanic. Sa sobrang angas ng mga hunghang na Engineer naglagay lang sila ng 20 life boat na makakasakay lang ng 65 na passengers each. Kalahati lang ng dami ng pasahero na pwede nilang ilagay. 700+ passengers lang ang naligtas nung lumubog ang Titanic.

Nung araw na lumubog ito lumabas kagad ito sa press. Ang headline “Titanic—The unsikable ship sank”  pati kahihiyan nila hindi nila naligtas.

Madaming dahilan ang nadiskubre kung bakit lumubog ang Titanic pero ito ang mga nahagilap ko:

  • The ship’s sailing had been postponed for three weeks. Had she sailed any other time, the iceberg would not have been there.
  • If the ship had traveled one mile per hour faster or slower, the iceberg would have been in a different position.
  • The iceberg was “blue,” the most difficult kind to see.
  • The night was moonless—no light to show the iceberg.
  • The night was windless. Wind would have made waves to splash on the iceberg making it more visible.
  • Men in the crow’s nest had no lookout glasses. They were on the ship, but had been misplaced.
  • Even so, the crew saw the iceberg in time to begin turning. If the crew had seen the iceberg 10 seconds sooner, the ship would have missed it.
  • If the crew had seen the iceberg ten seconds later, they would have hit it head on, causing damage which would not have sunk the ship. The ship sank because it grazed the berg, slicing open a long section of its side.

Source here

Rose: They said this ship is unsinkable. Jack: I bet they also said you can fly.

Madaming beses na sa kasaysayan ng tao na sinubukan natin si God. Madaming beses na rin na pinatunayan ni God na hindi natin siya mahihigitan. Sana matuto na tayo.

2)   Matutong makinig sa warnings

May mga ship na malapit sa Titanic bago ito lumubog—The Californian ship gave signals na meron floating icebergs pero hindi ito pinansin ng Titanic. Madaming thoeries kung bakit hindi ito sinabi sa captain, or bakit hindi nila binagalan ang Titanic.  Pero ang pinakaerror dito, hindi nila sinunod yung napakinggan nila—hindi sila bumagal. Hindi sila lumiko.

God is merciful and he communicates with us. Bibigyan niya tayo ng warnings bago pa tayo mapahamak. Pero nasa sa atin na yun kung makikinig tayo sa Kanya o hindi.

Tinanong ako ng nanay ko kagabi kung gagawin daw ba uli ang Titanic sasakay ba ako o hindi? At ang aking sagot, “Siyempre hindi!”

Kayo, mabigyan ng pagkakataon, sasakay ba kayo o hindi?

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Sinulat ko ang blog na ito para sa dalawang bagay: Una dahil namimiss ko na ang orchestra, at pangalawa dahil may dapat akong gawin ngayon na hindi ko pa nagagawa—yun ay ang magpahinga.

Natutunan ko ang salitang “tacet” years ago sa aming orchestra. Ito ay isang intruction na nasa piyesa ng singer o instrument na dapat wala siyang ginawa. Walang sound. Isang mahabang rest. Naalala ko napagsasabihan ako ng aking strings teacher dahil hindi daw ako nagbibilang ng rest. Dapat, tulad ng ibang notes, binibilang din ito, dahil kasama ito sa piyesa.

image from

Importante ang rest dahil binibigyan nito ang musician o singer ng pagkakataon huminga, magpahinga, at nagkakaroon ito ng magandang drama effect sa music na sinulat ng maestro.

Tulad sa aking mga piyesa, sa totoong buhay, nakakalimutan ko rin magpahinga. Ngayon dapat rest day ko, pero pinipilit ko pang gumawa ng project para habulin ang deadline. At tulad ng mga awitin na tinugtugan ko na hindi ako nagbibilang ng rest, feeling ko nasisira ko ang masterpiece na sinulat ng Maestro. Inuunahan ko Siya, hindi ko tinitignan ang kumpas ng kanyang mga kamay. May sarili na naman akong mundo.

Malapit nang matapos ang araw na ito at feeling ko nasayang lang ito kakaisip kung magpapahinga ako o hindi. Hay . . .

Another thing about tacet, Nabibigyan ka ng pagkakataon pakinggan ang musika dahil nakarest ka at wala kang ibang iniintindi, aantayin mo lang ang kumpas ng Maestro hudyat para ikaw ay umawit, kumilos, at gumawa (kasama Niya) ng magandang musika.

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Ang overtime, ang spa, at ang burger: Kwento ng taong generous at ang blog na may mahabang title

Nung bata ako favorite na favorite ko ang Pasko at aking kaarawan. Dahil ito ang mahiwagang araw kung kailan ako nakakatanggap ng mga regalo galing sa prens and pamiliessss. Noon yun. Ngayon nahihiya na ako kapag nakakatanggap ako ng regalo sa mga araw na nabanggit . . .

WUSHUS!!! Sino bang niloloko ko??! Op cors gusto ko pa rin nakakatanggap ng regalo noh! *ahem*

Kung papipiliin between mamigay at tumanggap malang maspipiliin natin tumanggap diba? O ako lang yun? Masarap kapag ikaw ang nasa receiving end. Pero meron akong kilalang nilalang na masnakakakuha siya ng pleasure sa pagbigay kesa sa pagtanggap. Mapalad ang mga kaibigan niya dahil nature niya nang mamigay. Mapalad ako dahil isa ako dun. Heheh!

Ano bang meron sa taong ito? Actually nakakabless siya, hindi dahil sa mga natatanggap ko galing sa kanya kundi ang kanyang attitude pagdating sa giving. Ang kanyang generosity ang gusto kong tularan.

Excellence in giving

Isang gabi galing sa isang overtime, patang pata ako at gusto ko nalang matulog. Pero hindi pwede dahil ang bahay ko ay isa’t kalahating oras ang layo sa opisina. Matutulog muna ako sa MRT bago makatulog sa kama. Lumapit sa akin ang aking kaibigan at sinabing “tara magpa-massage tayo.”

“ayoko, hindi yan kasama sa budget ko.” Dahil hindi talaga ako gagastos kapag wala sa budget.

“akong bahala sayo” sagot niya.

“Weh?” O_O walang kwenta kong sagot.

Long story short, pina-spa niya ako at isa pa naming kaibigan. Pagkatapos noon may libreng dinner pa at hatid sa bahay.

O_O wuw!

She could have stopped sa spa treatment. Dahil para sa amin malaking blessing na yun. But no, may dinner pang kasama at may hatid pa sa bahay. Pag-uwi ko nagpasalamat ako kay God. Nagpasalamat ako sa Kanya dahil alam Niya ang needs ko kahit hindi ko ito hingiin sa Kanya, at kahit wishful thinking lang ang magpamasahe tinupad Niya ito. At bago ako magpasalamat sa kabaitan ng aking kaibigan napagtanto ko lang na yun ang klase ng generosity na gusto ni God—the kind of generosity that will glorify Him. Then I was reminded of these verses in 2 Corinthians 9:11-12

11You will be made rich in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God. 12This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.

Dahil sa kanyang generosity naalala ko ang goodness ni God. She became a channel of God’s blessing. Gusto ko ng ganun. Gusto kong maglorify si God sa mga ginagawa ko. Kahit gaano kaliit o gaano kasimple, people will see God and will eventually lead people to worship Him.

Lahat tayo may maibibigay at hindi lang ito limited sa monetary unit. We can give our time, service, advice, at kung anu-anu pa. Pero ang challenge dito ay ang ating motibo. If we want to win man’s favor ikaw ang sikat at bida, pero kung gusto natin maglorify si God, people will see God in us and He will be glorified.

Napakaganda lang ng lesson na ito. I hope hindi lang ako ang na inspire sa kanyang generosity. At para sa aking kaibigan, hindi malayong ibebless ka pa ni God. 🙂

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